Estonian coast and cities

Some examples of places we can visit: Prangli The first records are from 1387 when it was called Rango. The first settlers came to Prangli came from Sweden.The Estonian culture spread to the island in the 17th century. Prangli is part of Viimsi Parish. Pranglis guest harbor is located on the north coast of the […]

Stockholm archipelago

Some examples of places we can visit: Sandhamn One of the most important natural ports in the archipelago with easy access to the Swedish capital, Sandhamn has been popular for recreational boating since the late 19th century. It is known for its tavern, its clubhouse, and its harbour. There are about 100 inhabitants living all […]

The Åland islands

Some examples of places we can visit: Mariehamn The maritime city of Mariehamn is a large small town with its almost 12,000 inhabitants. The city centre holds a lot in a small area. Mariehamn have a large range of restaurants, hotels, bars, museums. In Mariehamn you are always close to new experiences. In Västerhamn, where the ferries […]

The far Northern Baltic and the Bothnian Bay

Some examples of places we can visit: Vaasa Plenty of choices to see and experience in Vaasa depending on taste, for example Vaasa Bock´s brewery tasting local beers and ciders. Norrbyskär Norrbyskär is a historic sawmill community island. Norrbyskär leaves no visitor unmoved. Fascinating history led it to being called “the island that was the […]

The coastal archipelago of Finland

Some examples of places we can visit: Utö Utö is the southernmost inhabited island in Finland. The island is home to about 35 people all year round. The specialty of the island lighthouse is the church just below the lighthouse light. On the island you will find shop, café, hotel and lighthouse. Gullkrona Gullkronas maritime […]