The environment

The environment

We value the environment

The yacht systems are designed for efficient operations to minimize all environmental impact. Full displacement hull is passing through water producing minimal wake needing only low propulsion power. We use excess heat from engines for cabin heating. We have large solar panel array, and the yacht systems can operate fully on battery power producing zero emissions in a fragile ecosystem area. We also have large tanks for storing not only black water from toilets, but also grey water from showers and sinks.



Low fuel consumption


Full displacement hull

Solar panels

25 solar panels, total capacity of 2.7 kWp


We use excess heat from the propulsion engine and generator. We also have heat pumps from seawater and Kabola KB45 Ecoline Hybrid -boiler.

Quiet emission-free operation on battery power.

Sweet Hope is equipped with a 62 kWh LiFePO4 house battery bank and 16 kW inverters.

Fresh water system

Two Village Marine reverse osmosis water makers producing over 200 l/h. UV sterilisation for added microbiological purity.


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