Fishing and cruising in October with six guests

So how would you rate the four-day cruise overall?

– It was absolutely brilliant. Hospitality was first class from Mika and his wife Katri……we were looked after so well the whole time and the cruise was just amazing…

What was the reason you chose to cruise on M/Y Sweet Hope?

– I wanted to experience the Nordhavn as I am interested in buying one. However, as the trip progressed, I was just glad we had chosen to come to Finland as it was so beautiful.

What did you think of the Nordhavn?

– The boat is just so solid and so comfortable. You feel enveloped by the boat as soon as you walk onboard. It was warm and spacious…i am 6ft 2ins and never had to bow my head…there is so much space and different areas to hang out…with six guests I never felt cramped and we spent time in every area of the boat. We had a cabin that spanned the whole boat and a massive double bed.

The other factor about the Nordhavn is that it is so stable in the water…the boat has stabilizers that stop it rocking from side to side…none of our party was sea sick at any time over the 4 days.

Where did you cruise?

– We went around the islands between Hanko and Helsinki off the Finnish coast…there are thousands of small islands with beautiful sheltered anchorages. The weather was incredible for October and often you felt like we were on a lake as the sea was so calm!

How was the fishing?

– Mika is a keen fisherman and we trolled for salmon and trout. Although we didn’t catch them we did try and it was great fun to be fishing…we did catch lots of Baltic herring and perch which Katri cooked for us which were great eating…it’s lovely to catch fish then eat it within a few hours!

How was the food in general?

– Katri is a professional chef so the food was a very high standard and served like we were in a top restaurant. We had many traditional Finnish delicacies including reindeer, herring and duck…if you like food then this is a cruise you should consider!

Would you recommend M/Y Sweet Hope?

– Yes 100%. I give Mika and Katri top marks for every aspect…. comfort, safety, enjoyment, scenery, hospitality….all great.

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