Per 24h


Per week

Per hour

All prices include Finnish VAT where applicable.

Fuel per charter is charged according to use, consumption is accurately measured throughout each individual charter. Usage estimates: the main engine averages 20 litres per hour at a cruising speed of 7-8 knots, this may vary depending on conditions.
The generator averages 4 litres per hour, this will vary depending on use of electricity. It is not necessary to run the generator continuously.

Ask for your special quotation for a specific cruise plan charter fee including fuel.

Food and drinks on board are charged separately, as ordered. We are fully licensed to serve food and also alcoholic drinks, please note that our license does not permit the consumption of alcohol purchased elsewhere.

Harbour fees may be added where these apply.

The 24h price will be charged at the commencement of any 24h period.
Weekends run from 15:00 on Fridays to 18:00 on Sundays.