Stockholm archipelago

Some examples of places we can visit:


One of the most important natural ports in the archipelago with easy access to the Swedish capital, Sandhamn has been popular for recreational boating since the late 19th century. It is known for its tavern, its clubhouse, and its harbour. There are about 100 inhabitants living all year round in Sandham. During the summer time the number of inhabitants increasing almost to 3000. Sandhamn is located on the outer skirts of Stockholm archipelago. It is a place to meet sailors and yachters during the summer time. For food lovers there are plenty of options where to choose. If you are a fan of Nordic Noir you might recognize Sandhamn for Viveca Sten’s Sandhamn murder series.


Möja is very large island in Stockholm archipelago. It is one of the popular destinations in Stockholm archipelago. It is easily accessible from Stockholm by ferries. Möja is also popular with boaters. You can find hotels, Inns and different restaurant in Möja.


Siaröfort is an old military island outside of Stockholm. It was built after the first World War for intending to watched for the foreign army vessels if they would enter Swedish waters. The island had been abandoned since 1960’s and today it has been restored to almost it’s original conditions. The fort is open to the visitors. You can reach the island by boat or ferry and stay on the islands guesthouse or guest harbor. On the island you also find a restaurant which is open all year round. During the low season the restaurant is simply a Café.

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